Sunday, May 18, 2003

WTC Blend

Yesterday had some friends over that were in town from Halifax, great time out for lunch. Then it was over to my place for some gooood coffee. Made some lovely cappas using the Amber Espresso blend that I roasted up a few days ago. This morning I made a nice eVac pot of the Cuban Turquino, great smokey/tabacco flavor, very nice.

I decided to go out on the porch this afternoon and enjoy the weather and roast some more coffee for the upcoming week. Jim Schulman, a great source of info on any coffee forum out there, posted a new blend he was tring out called WTC - "Way To Complicated Blend". Good title and Jim is good enough to post the ratios for the blend:
My current blend (WTC for "way too complicated")
is two equal sized 12 minute roasts (fast to 300,
pretty much 15F/min from there) to the first few

Fast beans:
20% Harar
20% Kenya Kaiwamururu
40% Blue de Brazil
20% Aged Sulawesi

Slow Beans:
20% Antigua
40% Yauco
40% Bugisu

So, I had to substitute some beans.. didnt have the Antigua so I used the Guatamalan "Arte de Maya" that I got from SM and didnt have the Kenyan so I used some Kenya AA that is from a Canadian supplier. Since I don't have any of the Puerto Rican Yacou Selelcto (must get it on my next SM order!) i subbed in some Cuban since I have read that they have comparable tastes. I tried out Jim's roasting profile and I recorded all the data and charted it out. Giving the beans a good 48hrs rest, then a taste test.

In the chart below, the Orange Square is beggining of 1st Crack and the Yellow Square is the beginning of 2nd Crack.

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