Thursday, May 15, 2003

New Mazzer

Just dropped my order for a new Mazzer Mini with Chris Coffee. Great guy and I cant wait til arrives. Also got the new Illy cup set , Illy Nude. great new cups that are completely clear. Also picked up the Illy 10th Anniversary book. What a beautiful book! Every artist and cup set is featured. I will be posting pictures in the Espreso section of my website. Just finished 3 roasts in my Alp, I'm so rusty using that thing. I when to dark on my first roast, Amber Espresso blend from Sweetmarias. The next two went better as I got a few for the arrival of the 2nd crack. Roast number 2 was a batch of Mexican Organic Chiapas also from Sweetmarias. The third and final roast was some new beans that are a treat for us Canadians, Cuban Turquino Lavado. Looking forward to trying them out.

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