Saturday, February 14, 2009

Giant Chocolate Bar! 10lbs of Guittard 63% Bittersweet Chocolate

Found this on sale! There's a quarter in the corner for reference..

Better Butter?

I've been trying to find butter... the butter that I've tasted in Europe that is.

I have fond memories of amazingly rich and creamy tangy and tasty butter from Paris & Portugal.. but most of we have here in Ontario lacks the flavour and the fat!

The best I have tried was contraband stuff that was available at SLM but sadly its never been brought in again. I have also tried a butter from Quebec that was OK but didnt have the richness that I craved. So I went out and searched around to see what was available here in TO... Whole Foods, Pusateries, Shay Cheese (online cheesse dude) & Loblaws (one of my most hated grocers!).