Sunday, June 15, 2003

Illy Book & "Nude" Cups

I've been meaning to add some pics of the Illy Nude Cups and 10th Anni. book.

New Cups!

I was out with today and got bit by the cup collecting bug again! I found some really interesting espresso cups dating back a few years.

The first find was a pair of Russel Wright designed cups from the 40's-50's. They are Demitasse cups that were part of his American Modern dinnerware line. I just love these cups. I saw the retrospective of his designs at the Cooper-Hewitt design museum in NYC in 2001 and I saw these there. I was blown away by the work. There is a book available from that show, highly recommended.

The second find, was a set of 4 Carlo Giannini cups that it am guessing are from the 60's-70's. These are truly unique cups. I have never seen anything like them. They are very futuristic and the design is very original. They look like they came right of the Jetsons. They are mad from Stainless Steel and a Plastic. I couldn't leave these puppies behind.

Busy Busy

Ok, so I've been insanely busy the last few weeks and haven’t had a chance to stop and breathe. Got a bunch of home renovations done and the place looks great! Then I was had a neck injury for a while that ha now gone pretty much a way and I'm feeling tip top!

Ran a few roasts a few days ago in the Alp. Put in 3 batches, 1 was Malabar Gold blend, 2 was the last sample Bag of Columbian that comes with the alp and 3 was some Costa Rican SHB given to me by a good friend Craig A.

I've never been a fan of the Malabar Gold, and i think it has to do with the taste that is imparted by the Funky Monssooned Malabar beans in the blend. Its an OK espresso, but i had to start using up some of the 5lbs i had ordered. Again not bad but not great either. People rave about this blend but it just doesnt click with me.

The Columbian that comes as a sample pack with Alp, is a surprising one, not stellar to the caliber of green offered by SM, but it holds its own. This is a great coffee at very little rest and a very easy to roast bean. It works in the Vac Pot as well as a single origin espresso so I was fine with that.

The Costa Rican, was my fave of the 3, made a great cup in the Vac Pot. I'm really starting to appreciate the brightness in beans over the body. Costa Ricans have consistently provided me with a great cup in the eVac. So I will be ordering a good sampling of the CR beans offered by SM. I want to try a batch of them and find out what subtleties lie in them.